About La Flora

Wouldn’t you like to stop time for a moment?
Ignite excitement, evoke beautiful feelings and create an unforgettable experience that lasts? At La Flora, we can help you do exactly that.

Our Roots

We are an online boutique, based in Yorkshire, run by a creative and talented team who believe that speaking to flowers helps them bloom.  We specialise in luxurious, eternity and fresh flower boxes.
Our gifts are handmade with the highest quality flowers and carefully designed and packaged to create a unique and timeless experience for our customers.

Our Promise

We speak the language of flowers. We feel passionate about creating bespoke floral gifts that can help our customers express their feelings in an effortless way.
We value our customers’ satisfaction and ensure the experience with us will be seamless and enjoyable.

Our Mission

La Flora’s mission is to make our recipients feel as unique as the gifts they receive.

Our Flowers

At La Flora customers can choose from freshly cut flowers or eternity roses.​
The eternity roses will last for up to a year if cared for. Freshly cut roses are treated by replacing natural sap with a mixture of glycerine, water and colouring, which preserves the rose natural softness, colour and shine.